Post 8

With now the class being over I can reflect on the class. The class was a great experience, I learned a lot about photoshop and art in general. With this being my first time using photoshop I didnt know if it was going to be hard or easy to work. But with the help of Professor i was able to learn a lot about how to use photoshop. Now if i ever had to use photoshop for a job i would be able to say i know how to work the program.


Post 7

In the last week we began to work on the motion graphic piece for our collage. I found the motion graphic very fun to work with, while working with it you can make things come to life. You were able to move pictures in and out of the screen and sorts of interesting things. One thing i did in my motion graphic with the help of Professor Krikun, was make it look like the lights on the building were turning on and off. The way we did that was by putting a black layer over the building and turning it on and off.

Post 6

During my hyper realism piece i got to realism some of the cool tools there is on photoshop. One of those tools was the 3d layer you could use. With the 3d layer you can make things almost pop off the screen, the reason I was interested in the tool was because I was trying to wrap a picture around a wall. I never got to use it in my project but it was very interesting  to see how it works.

Post 5

Throughout this class we learned different artistic styles like hyperrealism, cubism, and collage. Since learning more about these styles I have been able to see these styles more in everyday life. For example when I was driving one day I saw a billboard with a hyperrealism piece on it. Before this class i probable would have say wow thats cool and not think anything of it , but know I understand the art better.